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mind trick

Check if you are in rare 2% peoples

This is a very simple IQ test, but what happens at the end will just blow your mind. I can not really explain how this happens, but is really extraordinary. It is not a rocket science, but you must try it and see for yourself. Don't cheat or … Read More


Galaxy S5 vs Galaxy S4

Here we compiled a small features set offered by both galaxy s4 and galaxy s5 Design, measurements and weight Samsung Galaxy S4: 137x70x7.9mm, 130g Samsung Galaxy S5: 142x73x8.1mm, 145gScreen Samsung Galaxy S4: 5in … Read More


This is the story of Elder Dobry

98 year old dobri dobrev, a man who lost most of his hearing in the second world war, has traveled 25 kilometers every day for decades from his village in his homemade clothes and leather shoes to the city of sofia - a trip he made by foot … Read More


Four Ways to Protect Yourself Online

In this internet age when privacy is considered to be a practical joke and the sites are spying on you whether it be for marketing related information or for general security, it is important that we know a little bit about how to protect … Read More