How many times have we seen a situation where celebrities reveal parts of the body that are not meant to be broadcast, or are they? How many times have been wondering whether they are doing it on purpose or it is just a coincidence? These questions have been raised again on Wednesday during the CMT Music Awards in Nashville, and the woman of the hour is Sheryl Crow.

Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock
Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock

Kid Rock was scheduled to perform on stage the second single ‘Collide’ from his new album ‘Born Free”, ‘Collide’ featuring Sheryl Crow.  Sheryl Crow was wearing a short white skirt and sat on a stool while performing. There was nothing wrong with the performance, no doubt about that, but there was something happening with her standing up from the stool after the performance. It was the moment, which was inevitable considering the unavoidable movement to standing up, when the camera was flashed from under the skirt by her underwear. There is absolutely no way anybody will miss that moment. And there is absolutely no way that the DVR-replay won’t be an instant hit on the internet.

Later on in the Show, Sheryl Cole was presenting an award with Sara Evans. It is possible that Sheryl herself was unaware about that moment until the presentation. Sara Evans said: “Well, at least you were wearing underwear.” Sheryl responded to that with “I was wearing underwear because I’m good, clean, wholesome family fun.”

Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock
Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock

The camera underwear flash is not the first and won’t be the last situation in the entertainment industry. Actress and singers are constant target to the camera objective patiently waiting for some peace of the clothing to show its incapability of staying still. Even though we think they are trying to avoid underwear flashes, like Sheryl Crow’s, there are certain things that indicate that maybe they want that to happen. We didn’t tell Sheryl to wear a skirt that short! She choose that herself. We didn’t give her the stool to sit on while performing! She could have performed by standing and still make a jaw-dropping-situation.

So why not sit on a stool and provoke the cameraman, the director of the show or the camera itself to film right there in that moment. It seems like being a public person, a famous attractive singer or an actress, give the go-ahead light on doing “flashes” wherever you meat a camera that is supposed to film you. Doing that kind of stunts at the age of 49 ads more spice to the challenge.

On the whole, the show went well, and as any awards show flashing situations are bound to happen whether the director wants it or not; weather it is forbidden or not. Signers like Sheryl Cole are very sexy, especially at that age. So when we look at a performance of a song being performed on a stool wearing a short skirt, many of us don’t really listen to the song, but watch closely what will happen to the skirt throughout the entire performance.




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